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BIG Inventory, Inc.Looking for a job at BIG Inventory's Team of Professional Hospital Inventpory Service
(312) 945-6877

No matter how you contact us, we will spend a few minutes briefing you on what and how we work, the advantages of our system and questions surrounding your facilities and your needs and goals. Once all information is received we will formulate a proposal outlining all we have discussed-- Easy, Quick and Precise.

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  • A Complete Plan

    30 days prior to the start of your physical inventory BIG works with you and your team to prepare and the support continues up to 30 days after your BIG Event.

  • Web-Conference

    As part of the preparation process we hold a Web-Conference so your staff understands everyone's role in your upcoming BIG Event.

  • We work in hospitals

    We appreciate the unique nature of the healthcare environment and work quietly and unobtrusively--always keeping in mind a Patient First philosophy!

  • No Headaches Approach

    Once we arrive our BIG Project Manager will coordinate all activities to make the overall process smooth and efficient, allowing your staff to focus on what they do best.